Waiting on a plane to go

Welcome to my very first blogging experience!

It will be packed with Dr Seuss references for the Seuss lovers (is that just me?) and will document our travels around this amazing earth – so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

It seems like we have been planning and waiting for this trip to begin forever. Waiting for work to end, waiting on someone to rent our house, waiting on our visa’s to arrive and now literally waiting for our plane to go!

Mark and I have been together for almost 7 years and engaged for 1 and a bit. We have both always wanted to get amongst the 2 year Visa to the UK at some point and about 6 months ago we decided to lock it in and squeeze in a decent holiday to South East Asia on the way.

With the help of the amazing Tasha at Flight Centre Te Awamutu we have booked 2 tours through Intrepid – 9 days through Cambodia and 3 days in Chiang Mai to the Elephant Nature Park. Then 7 days in northern Vietnam with local tour group Halong Tours Booking and the remainder of our time we are ‘winging it’. God help us.

We have rented out our first home in Hamilton with a property management company called Glasshouse. We’ve packed up our lives and moved it all to Mark’s parents garage in Feilding. Our room currently consists of each of our 40l packs from Torpedo7 that we will take with us (I’ll let you know if that’s big enough soon), our ‘please post to London once we get there’ bag and our ‘please store this for us for when we get home’ bag/s and this is what it looks like… complete chaos. And to be honest it’s gone further down hill since this photo was taken. Oops.

Following our 5 weeks in Asia – culminating in a week of heavenly bliss at a yet to be determined resort in Thailand – we will fly to London and set up shop at a yet to be determined place of work and a yet to be determined flat. We may have exhausted our organisational capabilities on the first few weeks of Asia…

We are now 1 sleep away from jetsetting out of this beautiful country that we call home and to be honest, it still hasn’t sunk in that we are leaving. We have said our goodbyes to a number of friends and family already, most of which (apart from Mum!) have been painless because it’s hard to register that we won’t be seeing them again for the foreseeable future. So for those of you have been on the receiving end of our coy departures – we promise we will actually miss you!

I’m assuming we will be on our one way flight to Ho Chi Minh when the reality will sink in: We’re off to great places, we’re off and away!


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